4 things some escorts think about their clients

2017-02-15 14:28:31

We all have a set of values, of preconceived notions, and most of the time we put labels without knowing what the reality is. There is a constant “battle” between escorts and their clients, and that is where judgement comes into play.As escorts meet all kinds of people, even from the first encounter, based on the way you look or the first words you say, you will be labeled. Let’s see what are the most common misconceptions about men that book escorts and how can you fight them:

1. “All clients are rich and have money that they don’t know what to do with”. 

Most of the escorts have this conception, mainly because their own not-so-good financial situation. The idea is that the mindset is like this: if he can afford 200£ for an hour of her time, than he must be rich. You can fight that by using your personality and your charm, in order to prove that there’s more about you than just money.

2. “All clients are perverts”. 

The scientifically proven fact that men think about sex more than women is already in your disadvantage. By adding the fact that most of the men that book escorts want only one thing, you have to understand why they expect the worst from their clients. If you want to help her get rid of this thought, emphasize on the non-sexual details of your encounter. Tell her about how important a real connection is, as leaving the sex-centered facts aside, you’ll have a better overall experience.

3. “Clients fall in love very easy”.

Some escorts may think that clients may fall in love when they get too much attention. At that moment, they set up a “wall” that is impossible to pass, and that seriously affects the escort-client relationship. In order to loosen things up, you need to assure the escort that you’re not seeking a girlfriend. All you are looking for has to be centered on a no-strings attached relationship, based on a genuine attraction and spiced-up by passion. At the moment that the escort doesn’t feel any of this pressure, she will be willing to offer more, and your meeting will be even more pleasant.

4. “Clients are dangerous”. 

The media shares frequently all kinds of stories about escort bookings gone bad, about girls that had to suffer because of their threatening clients. The fears of an escort are completely justified – nothing to argue about that – but that goes both ways. There are also stories that show clients who were beaten up or even killed by their escorts. To fight this conception, you should answer all the questions the escort has, because that is just a simple screening process. At the same time, in order to show that you’re not a vicious criminal, ask yourself some questions that will let your escort know that you fear for your safety too.

If you don’t want to be one of the clients that are labeled with the 4 misconceptions above, try to apply the advice we gave you, and the encounter with our professional Super Model London Escorts will be even more pleasant than you expected.

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