A piece of advice for the ones that book our London escorts

2017-02-15 14:25:38

There are probably hundreds of articles that promote the best practices for escort clients, but we choose to offer our own piece of advice regarding escort etiquette. Just because you booked and hired a girl to offer you company and services, that doesn’t make here your slave. The following ideas are part of common sense advice and you’ll have to take them to consideration before calling or booking one of our London escorts.

First of all, don’t ask pointless, irrelevant and annoying questions. Some of the most frequent are mentioned below.

What is your real name? Let’s be serious, if the girl you booked has a certain name and she introduces herself the same, it’s obvious: either that IS her real name, or she just wants to keep that a secret.

How many clients did you already have today?, Are you married? or What do I get for the money I pay? are also questions to be avoided. It’s none of your matter how many men has the girl already seen, or if she is married. As for the money you pay, the answer is simple: you get an hour (or more) of her time. Don’t be pushy and annoying by asking inappropriate questions.

The next advice: be clean. There is nothing more disturbing than meeting a person that didn’t take care of hygiene, especially in these conditions. Imagine that the girl you booked would have these kind of hygiene issues – certainly you wouldn’t be so delighted. So, what you have to do is take a shower, shave, cut your fingernails and brush your teeth.

Third, be mannered. As we said at the beginning, if you are thinking that the girl you booked is something close to a slave, you could lose all your ulterior privileges. Even more, the refuses you get could be after that from any other girl you book.

There is no need to be rude, bad mannered or excessively demanding. Just remember the proper manners, follow a polite etiquette and say “thank you” at the end. By doing that, you could be surprised of the outcome, as your experience will be even more pleasant.

Fourth ground rule – respect the payment. Let us give you some examples, so you’ll understand what we mean. When you go shopping, you don’t just walk away with the products you purchased without paying. When you call a plumber or an electrician, you don’t ask them to stay extra time, for free, after their job is done.

Get the idea? So do as the girl tells you – pay upfront, and then enjoy the best experience that a London escort could give you.

There is another thing: if you’re booking for an escort that will come to your location, be sure that it has basic necessities. That means exactly what it says – surely not even you wouldn’t like to go on a date to a girl’s house, where there isn’t any furniture, heat, running water or air conditioning. Provide these basic necessities, or else you may receive a big NO from the girl you booked.

Last but not least, respect the limits. There are some details that are established when you book an escort, and you’ll have to apply to them. That means you shouldn’t have anyone else at the location, we mean people that aren’t participating. Also, don’t do anything without asking first, as maybe some of your fetishes that you didn’t warn the girl about aren’t tolerated.

Keep all those things in mind, and you’ll see that the outcome will be even better than you expected. These simple rules are common, but as basic as they are, sometimes they’re forgotten or ignored. Disrespect them, and your experience will be totally ruined. Apply them, and you’ll have your fantasies fulfilled.

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