Differences between an escort and a prostitute

2017-02-15 14:27:29

From a man’s point of view, there aren’t such visible differences between escorts and prostitutes. The fact is that the two businesses are really different, only by analyzing how an escort earns money and how prostitutes do.

Prostitutes get paid exclusively for sex acts, and don’t have the possibility to promote themselves, as they may be placed in legal difficulties, to say the least. Mainly, the term “prostitute” is associated to a street walker that aquires clients randomly, in order to obtain payment for drug consumption or other bad habits. That is totally different and implies a higher dose of risk than the way an escort gains her money.

Although being an escort implies for the girl to have sex with a client, there are also exceptions. Even some of our girls gave us scenarios when sexual intercourse didn’t happen. Most of the times, it’s all about business men that travel to a new city and don’t know any lady that could provide them some company. An escort perfectly fills such a gap and doesn’t necessarily imply sex.

What else does that imply, if not intercourse? An escort may accompany the business man to meetings, dinners or even parties. Prostitutes, on the other hand, don’t offer such a service to their clients.

An escort has a lot of more commitments, apart from the ones that a prostitute has. Pleasing customers with sexual services is just a small part of the issue, as there are men that seek escorts for totally other purposes than sex. An escort may be booked simply for companionship, by a man that only desires a friendly person that listens to him.

Surprisingly or not, there are many men that find it difficult to discuss with their wives (or girlfriends) about their lives, the expectations they have to live up to, the demands that puts them to stress and so on. By booking an escort, they find relief, as an escort could offer that shoulder to cry on when needed.

Respectable escort agencies are also quite demanding when selecting the future employees. A girl that wants to become an escort should be attractive, good looking, but also bright and clever. That certainly is an over-expectation, when we think about prostitutes.

Basically, clients book and pay for escorts to have a truly great experience, a perfect time spent in the company of the perfect girl. Sexual intercourse is a part that requires mutual consent, as the girl can refuse any requirement from the customer. The prostitute, on the other hand, offers exclusively sexual favours in exchange for cash, and good looks and attractiveness aren’t ground rules in this case.

From the financial point of view, here comes the biggest distinction between escorts and prostitutes. The first category gets payed much better, has less clients and much more satisfaction. The expectations are also higher in the case of escorts, as they need to have the potential to keep a customer intrigued all through out the session.

Hopefully we made our point: escorts certainly aren’t prostitutes!

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