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2017-02-15 14:22:22

There is a saying that goes beyond the essence of the famous movie, and that backs up the fact that in most cases men prefer women with blonde hair.

In fact, all of you could do a fast check online, and see tests given to various groups of men. Most of them, when being asked what kind of girls they prefer, answered “blondes” (surely, except a few that mentioned other hair colors).

Do you prefer blondes? Do you need a blonde? Fortunately, you can pick one from our gallery, in order to obtain the experience you always desired, along a beautiful blonde that will pamper you in ways you could never imagine.

Why is it that most men prefer blondes? The answers are quite different, but we managed to get a feedback from our customers, and the main reasons are listed below.


Top reasons for what men prefer blondes

Blondes seem more flirtatious. That’s a general opinion among our clients, as blonde escorts in our gallery get more bookings than others. Although, the segment of clients that choose brunettes or redheads can’t be neglected – there is also a very good demand there also.

Blondes know how to have fun. Maybe it’s about the brightness in the hair colour, that simply “lightens a room” (according to one of our client’s testimonials). This brightness brings along with it a feeling of friendliness, happiness and approachability. Even more, some of our clients consider blondes less intimidating than redheads or brunettes.

Blondes are more voluptuous. Perhaps that’s an image that Hollywood movies introduced into men’s minds, but there is certainly a connection between blonde hair and voluptuousness. No one argues that brunettes, the ones with brown or red hair are less voluptuous, it’s just that blondes seem to gain more appreciation at this aspect.

Reality shows us that most of the men prefer blondes. There is also a perfect combo, the famous “blonde hair, blue eyes” type of girl, that attracts and amazes the same time. The models we have that subscribe to this criteria confess that a major part of their customers notice that fact immediately.

We dare to come with an extra update: most of our clients don’t even care about the hair color, as they simply want a gorgeous and sensual girl as their company. “When you’re hot, you’re simply hot, and the fact that you are blonde, brunette, brown-haired or redhead does not matter. At least to me it doesn’t.”



You prefer blondes? Do you need a blonde to take you to the next level of fun, sensuality and intimacy? You’ve reached the right spot! All you have to do is to indulge your eyes browsing our Super Models gallery. Either it’s a blonde, a redhead or a brunette, you will certainly find a girl that will please you, at first sight (by viewing the photo gallery) and also at a first encounter.

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