Everything you need to know about what to do in Mayfair

2017-08-29 06:07:10

Everything you need to know about what to do in Mayfair

Planning an escape in London? Perhaps you would like to visit the district of Mayfair. There are lots of things that will impress you, entertaining ideas and also fun activities, including Mayfair escorts. Here are some ideas:

·         Claridges

Spoil yourself with luxurious services. You will find here 201 rooms for tourists. And the best part is that you can choose to stay in famous rooms where celebrities like Alfred Hitchcock, Irish Rock Band U2 or Mariah Carey have been too. If not, at least choose to serve a dinner or just a tea, whatever you may like.

·         Bond Street

You can do some shopping also. There is no complete experience for any tourist without spending some money on things that can become later the only memory from a place. So here on Bond Street you can delight yourself in boutiques of all kind.

·         Hedonism Wines

That’s right, this is a wine store. And it gets better. This is a two floors store, with the finest and most expensive, exclusivist types of wines. So, for a wine lover this is heaven. You can be just curious, this is a place you should visit in Mayfair. Of course that, apart of the impressive look inside, you can also taste some types of wine so this is truly an experience to be recommended.

As an alternative, for those that are interested more in some cocktails perhaps, taste de London style ones at Cocktails at Coburg Bar at The Connaught. And the best part here is that you have that London air architecture, inspired from the 20s. You go there at a tiny table and feel so intimate with your partner.

You don’t have one? Then it’s time to be preoccupied with this subject too. Once you arrive to Mayfair you may want Mayfair escorts. This is the fun part: to have company, to feel good in the way you want and with no prejudgments. Certainly that with a company, everything you have in plan to visit and do during your visit in Mayfair will have a better taste.

People want experiences, memories and less tiredness. The secret key to a memorable vacancy is surely to combine the two things: visiting and partying. So you get to explore the real taste of night life and everything that can define a new place that you are visiting. So once you are here, don’t hesitate to find Mayfair escorts.

·         Buckingham Palace

There is no tourist that can ignore this place. Actually, you just can’t fly back home after visiting London and refuse yourself this history lesson. In the name of the same historical part you may be interested in Apsley House, also called the “number one London” because it was the first residence of Duke of Wellington. Right across the street there is another interesting place to visit, Wellington Arch.

Wanna see a movie? If you are in Mayfair in October then it is the right time to take advantages of the movie festival held each year, the biggest across London, organized by the British Film Institute. For the lucky ones that are there in August it is the romantic time of outdoor film screenings, at Fim4 Summer Screen. Not least, Raindance Film Festival is also interesting, a 2 weeks festival you may be interested in during final September and part of October.


It is recommended to have a plan. Even though you may want to be spontaneous you have so many things to visit and do in Mayfair. Plan things in order to have time for fun, for visiting, for exploring and for some company too.

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