First day at work for high-class escorts

2017-03-01 08:35:06

First day at work for high-class escorts


If you are willing to work as a high-class escort and you decided to inform yourself better about this subject, you may want to know some of the opinions of our escorts regarding their first day at work. Each job involves high and lows on the first day, and so is the case of this area.

Getting attached of the clients:

Some of our escorts confirmed that their first clients were extremely handsome and also very passional. Women are known to be more sensitive than men are, that is why the first day for an escort can be quite difficult from this point of view.

Clients getting attached of the escorts on their first day:

First day as an escort assumes that women who practice this job can be quite emotive or shy. This can easily make one to get attached of her so, as our escorts revealed, many men refused to see the girl again. The reason for this decision is based on the fact that many married men hire professional escort services in order to feed their sexual needs without getting to really “cheat” their life partner. If they believe that in time some feeling would be easily developed for a certain girl, they refuse to see it again, avoiding the risk of ending their marriage.

Boom of feelings:

Having sex in a normal day of a woman can question some interior fears, but the first day as an escort involves a combination of being nervous, impatient, upset, curious and the list goes on. It is quite difficult to calm yourself and keep a strong attitude in order to totally please the client.


Some escorts may first resent the idea of pleasing men in exchange for money. This feeling will disappear after the first two clients, because this job involves more than sexual services which one pays for (high class escorts get to accompany clients to expensive restaurants, to fancy parties or travel around the world with them).

It wasn’t supposed to turn into this way of life:

One of our escorts in her first day got a marriage proposal from an extremely wealthy man. Guess what? She accepted after a month (during that month he required exclusively services from her) and they are still happily married now.

Exploring secret fantasies:

Many of the escorts revealed that their first day of work was based on fulfilling all of their most hidden sexual pleasures. They thought this is the perfect opportunity to experience fantasies which were unlikely to recognize they have in their normal life.

Not having sex:

There are some men who are not only interested in having sex. They may prefer to discuss with the escort, admitting how intelligent one can be.

Getting to experience domination:

Domination can be a desirable fantasy for a great majority of men, mostly because they are afraid to discuss about it with their life partner. Experiencing domination can be exciting, if you are open minded and know how to proceed.

Got to value them more:

After seeing how much pleasure they are capable to offer, women are more likely to appreciate them more than they used to in the past.

Gaining an important sum of money:

There are clients who pay more on their first date with an escort in order to encourage her or to show how grateful they are.

Not exactly what a women imagines about escort services:

Inspired by movies, many women believe that all of their clients are young successful business men. Well, this is not completely true, there are also some other guys who hire professional escorts (they can be old or not extremely handsome etc.)


Life as a high class escort can be quite exciting if you think about experiencing something new.

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