Frequent questions when it comes to professional escort services

2017-03-10 06:26:03

Frequent questions when it comes to professional escort services

Even though you are not a client when it comes to escort services, or you are a woman but not interested to work in this area, there might be some curiosities you may want to find out regarding high class escort services.

Which are the most frequent questions people have in mind when it comes to professional escorts and their job? You will find out in the following paragraphs:

1#. Do high class escorts have to own some particular skills in order to please men?

Most escorts reveal that their job doesn’t involve some particular skills in order to satisfy the client. Mostly they tend to be creative and also to pay some attention to the client’s desires or fantasies. This is actually the key in any sexual bond, but some women fear to admit the fact that a great sexual activity involves pushing the boundaries when having sex with their partners.

2#. Do you have to adopt a certain behavior when you work as a professional escort?

As any other job, well, high class escort services presume particular requirements. The women who work in this area have to consider themselves as being part of some kind of elite. In this way, there are certain dress codes one have to respect (this idea assumes adopting an elegant look because there are many fancy parties or events to attend), or some other details like speaking fluently more than two foreign languages and many more.

Of course, being yourself and acting as natural as possible will gain the client’s desire to see you frequently so, sometimes forgetting all about rules helps you gain more than respecting them.

3#. Do people consider it is morally wrong to have sex with a high class escort?

 If you will ever be interested to hire a high class escort, you will find out that confidentially is totally assured by the company which provides these kinds of services. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone finds out you are seeing an escort. Beyond this fact, hiring professional escorts is no more a taboo subject and it is treated more like a sexual need than an immoral activity.

If you have the companionship of a smart beautiful woman and also have sex with her, you treat her with respect and pay her for her time (even though she works as a high-class escort), there is nothing you should be ashamed of.

4#. How important is having a perfect body for a high-class escort?

Well, the term of a “perfect body” doesn’t quite define a certain profile, as it’s a well-known fact that men have different preferences when it comes to women. There are some who prefer the skinny ones, and others who are more interested in natural voluptuous curves. This differs from client to client.

5#. How fast can a man ejaculate when having sex with a high class escort?

Usually, men are extremely excited when it comes to having sex with a high-class escort, mostly because this is an unusual activity in their life. It is commonly for them to last under five minutes, but this can’t be transformed into a general rule. There are also men who last longer, this also depends from man to man.

Well, in case you have more curiosities unsatisfied by the ideas previously mentioned, you can also consider to read some confessions of high class escorts in order to find more.



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