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2017-02-15 14:24:28

Do you have a sexual fantasy? What is it? Don’t tell us, just think of it, visualize it. Don’t be ashamed, because there is no reason for that. In fact, maybe you’ll be surprised to find out that everybody has a secret fantasy.

If you’re curious about what would be the most common, but also arousing fantasy, we will tell you: it’s the threesome experience.

Did that come to your mind when we asked you at the beginning? For those who are still in doubt about what a threesome is, we’ll explain.


What is a threesome?

Also known as “ménage à trois”, the threesome implies a sexual encounter with three participants. The most common such fantasy consists in one man and two women, but it can also mean two men and one woman, three women or three men. Any combo is a winning combo, if the result surpasses the expectations.

You could bring such a fantasy to reality in a very simple manner. All you have to do is take your pick from our gallery and select the two gorgeous girls that will bring it to life.

As our London escorts are the perfect way to have the threesome fantasy fulfilled, let’s see why is this idea so popular. Statistics show that it all resumes to the idea of double. That means each participant in a threesome will have double fun, will experience double excitement and will live through double pleasure. Makes sense, right?

What could be more exciting than interacting not with one, but with two sexual partners? If you’re lucky enough and your partner is open to new ideas, a threesome is only a phone call away. One of our London escorts can bring that fantasy to life for you, if your partner accepts it. In the other case, either you are single, or your partner does not agree with that fantasy for any reason, we have good news on the way.

If you’re in one of the latter cases, the duo escort experience is the perfect answer. A threesome experience is a fantasy that goes beyond the age limits. Mostly, the ones that have this fantasy are the early married men, or the newly divorced ones and also middle aged men. For each of these categories, the purpose of a threesome is obvious: there is a desire to expand the sexual horizons, to encounter new experiences and to fulfill (finally!) a thing that wondered for a long time in one’s thoughts.


How can you bring a fantasy to reality?

In order to bring the threesome fantasy to reality, our London escorts are the perfect answer, although that’s not the only fantasy they can bring to life. From all our clients, rarely we receive negative feedback, as the only purpose of our beautiful girls is to please by any manner and to bring to life the most sensual and secret desires.

Don’t hesitate! Either you fantasise about a threesome, or you have any other secret sexual desire that you want to fulfill, Supermodel London Escorts is your best option!

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