How should a high-class escort look like? TOP 5 “musts” in high-class escorts dress code

2017-05-08 05:41:51

How should a high-class escort look like? TOP 5 “musts” in high-class escorts dress code

When it comes to the interest field of a high class escort it is well known that all these women who practice this job are part of an elite category. Therefore, even though high class escorts don’t have to obey the rules which imply wearing a particular uniform, there is an unwritten law regarding their look when meeting the clients.

It is said that escorts, especially high class ones, rely on their physical appearance, on their image, and also on their looks in order to increase their number of regular clients. For a professional escort, the idea of success can consist of dressing to impress, fitting the patterns of other successful high-class escorts and, also, increasing her potential levels.

If you work in this field, it is highly important to take into consideration the following tips in order to become as specialized as it is desired to:

1.      When choosing your outfit take into consideration the location where you will meet the client

Not all clients hire high-class escorts for sexual services, the great majority are looking for companionship in certain occasions like fancy parties, elegant events or exclusive business meetings. Therefore, a truly dedicated high-class escort must be the perfect choice in all of these situations mentioned above, which means that you need to prepare for blending perfectly in during the meeting or the date.

A certain woman must never be recognized as an escort even though you choose the outfit who advantages you more than other. Also, vulgarity elements should be avoided as much as possible, especially if the location of the date is extremely elegant and raffinate.

2.      Pay some attention to the appointment hour when dressing

There are many women who can’t make any difference between outfits appropriate for morning, evening or late night dates. When you work as a high-class escort the client will pay an important sum of money in order to book you for an appointment. Therefore, outfit mistakes aren’t allowed in any situations mentioned before so the perfect way to avoid it is to pay some attention to the hour you have to meet the client. If the date has been agreed by both sides around 9 AM, well you must choose a daytime outfit, but if you will see the client at 10 PM then you don’t have to be that rigid in dressing.

3.      Make-up, nails and perfume

The make-up style you are going to adopt in order to look perfect for your date depends extremely on your hair color, skin color and also on your eyes, but it is very important not to choose a very dark one if the date is going to take place during the day. An adequate make-up for late night dates can be based on smokey eyes or other intense make-up colors.

The perfume represents another element you should avoid as much as possible, mainly because many clients can be allergic to it. Also, you must keep your nails to a shorter length and try choosing some natural or classic colors (avoiding vulgarity as well) in order to maintain the high-class escort image that any client is attracted of.

4.      Try wearing quality in each situation

Every high-class escort must understand the fact which assumes that this category of job represents a certain image and, also, an elitism concept. If you want to excel at your job, then you must be very careful with the clothes you decide to wear when meeting the clients.

5.      Try to always accommodate to client’s requests

When your work is based mainly on satisfying the clients, then it is a must to pay attention to his requests. Also, when every wish of the client is perfectly reasonable, it is in your advantage to conform to him.


Therefore, if we notice all the tips from above, the image which a high-class escort must promote by her appearance is based on elegant, classic and raffinate looks. Also, you must preserve this image all the time, and not only when meeting a certain client.

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