How to select the best escort for you?

2017-08-18 11:40:52

How to select the best escort for you?

We want the best services with every situation, no matter what we are looking for. So, when it comes about escorts, things are, of course, on the same path. It is absolutely normal to have some expectations and not only that but high ones. Before you make up your mind and decide about such services there may be things to consider and which can help you decide.

Here are the main ideas to take into consideration when you want an escort:

·         What are your expectations? When you ask for an escort it should be clearly what do you want. You should say that to the girl from the very beginning and even before booking you should mention what you want.


·         What is the type of women you usually like? Some like to follow a pattern, so they go on blondes or just brunettes. Of course, that it is interesting to choose something else too. You should experience more, but for the beginning mostly go on the type of girl you usually like.


·         What program do you follow? An escort can be your company for a whole weekend, for example, not just a couple of hours. It depends on their schedule and yours too. Some call for an escort to go in a short vacancy too, a few days to relax on a yacht or whatever they may want.


·         Does it matter the silhouette? Of course that usually men want a certain pattern of women so when they want an escort they continue on the same patch. High class escorts are also models, beautiful ladies. Each and every one of them has a special charm, a certain body type. So, you can mention about this too when asking for an escort: to be super skinny or just regular body type, how tall and so on. Even more than that, you can say what are your preferences regarding the color of the eyes.

It is clearly that a man has specific things to consider when choosing an escort. Easier for both parts is to see pictures: this is how a man can see the escort and can choose easier. Is this a trustworthy method? Are the photos for real? Of course that such dilemma may concern you. Find out that high class escorts don’t even need and improvement to call for action and attract you. So yes, pictures are for real and that is a thing you can find later. After all you can claim for the real girl you saw and refuse the meeting. Simply look among the pictures available, see the gallery and choose your “temptation”.

Last, but not least, choose the place. An escort needs to know the place and hours, so you need to be specific from the very beginning.

Shortly said, before booking an escort you need a plan, you need to choose some aspects including the girl. These are formalities. You plan everything because lastly you can take your time to enjoy some good moment with the woman chosen, with the best escort you can ask for.


Apart of such aspects, you can be yourself. Be shy, be normal, be curious and enjoy that time. We have just one piece of advice: to say clearly want you want and be a gentleman. It doesn’t matter if you are at your first time experience of such kind. Of course, first time is a little bit more emotional. Feel free to experience something else, something new and, at the same time, be ready to be spoiled by an escort. All just for you! 

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