Real confessions of a high-class escort from Super Models

2017-02-28 06:29:17

Real confessions of a high-class escort from Super Models

When it comes to escort services, people are tented to judge my job. All of my friends, and also my family had become more open minded about this subject only after I explained all of the benefits I have by being an escort.

1.      How did I get the opportunity to work in this area?

Well, my first job was at a bank, me being in charge of client assistance regarding all sorts of bank services. I used to wake up at 6 AM in order to be able to get to work in time. Also, even though all banks close at 5 PM, my job consisted in overtime working which was not paid at all (not even my monthly salary was extremely delightful). At the end of the day I could find myself extremely tired, unable to enjoy my free time. I had a friend who used to work as an escort and I couldn’t not notice that she was gaining lots of money daily. One day, I decided to inform myself better, so I asked her to explain to me more about what an escort has to do. After hearing her story, I contacted the Super Models agency.


2.      You may ask: what are the differences between high class escorts and hookers?

First of all, professional escorts pay attention to clients as human beings (this involves human needs, listening to clients, help clients to feel relaxed and to gain more confidence in themselves). Hookers are used to visualize clients only as those who pay them a sum of money for sex, being focused on gaining as much money as they can in a short period of time.

Also, high class escorts will not be found on the streets offering sexual services which is what many hookers use to practice. We are as professionals when it comes to our job as same as a doctor, a nurse or a bank director.


3.      The main advantages of being a high-class escort

When I was working at the bank, I never thought that I will ever have the opportunity to travel all around the world. Well, now I can tell you incredible stories about the magical places from all corners of the world. Also, I received extremely expensive presents from all kinds of clients and I visited the most styled restaurants. I experienced another way of living than I used to know in the past: fancy clothes, high priced restaurants, glamorous parties and the list goes on.

Besides material advantages, working in this area had helped me establish important connections with influent men in many business sections who will help me solve any problem I can encounter. Another advantage of working as an escort was the fact that I could set my own schedule, I didn’t have to wake up first thing in the morning in order to avoid getting late at my job.


4.      Do I ever think about quitting?

Well, even though I love my job, I am aware that it’s not something I could do forever. As many other women, I want to start a family in the future, to get married and to have a child. I have colleagues who still work as escorts even though they are married, but I don’t see myself in this situation. For the moment, I am very pleased of being an escort so I don’t intend to quit very soon.

5.      What kind of men do I usually meet?

As I told you before, you will be surprised that the great majority of my daily clients are rich and handsome men. They are not ugly at all and they are perfectly capable to find beautiful women on their own (many tend to believe the opposite). They hire high class escorts mostly because their life partners refuse to fulfill all their sexual fantasies, or simply because they want to enjoy some pleasant moments without any other ties (as getting a new relationship).


If you used to misjudge women who work as high class escorts, you may think twice about it because all who work in this area are intelligent strong women with different stories.

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