The most common myths about escort services

2017-02-24 08:24:49

The most common myths about escort services


It is well known that prostitution represents the oldest job ever. Many people are incorrectly informed about this type of services, mostly because this used to be a taboo subject. Nowadays, even though many of us are becoming more open minded about this job, there are still some myths regarding the escort services that can influence one to misjudge the girls who work in this area.

FFirst of all, it is believed that the only difference between escorts and hookers is related to the price of these services. That is totally wrong: the biggest difference between these two categories is the intensity of the services provided: while hookers are focused only on gaining as much money as they can in a short period of time, professional escorts are interested in fulfilling all the fantasies of their clients. Escorts are smart, beautiful and cultured.


  • Men interested in escort services are not able to find women on their own

This is another myth frequently heard about these services. Confessions of high classed escorts prove that their most faithful clients are young intelligent rich men. Some of the most common reasons why men tend to experience escort services are:

-          they have lost the sexual bond with their wives and feel the need to enjoy sex as they used to in the past

-          they would like to experience some spicy sex positions and their life partners disagreed

-          they are single and want to enjoy professional escort services without the risk of transforming it into a relationship (a professional one night stand)


  • Escorts are easy women

If one will meet an escort in their real lives, he will easily notice that these women are perfectly normal as are our girlfriends, mothers or wives. Working as an escort will not make you more easy than working as a nurse. This myth started from the people’s conception about street hookers. Any women can choose to become an escort, benefiting of a whole list of advantages, like:

-          Meeting interesting people with exciting life stories

-          Gaining lots of money

-          Travelling around the world

-          Receiving expensive presents

-          Setting their own schedule


  • Escort services involve women degrading

This myth shows that most people are not as open minded as we might think they are. Escort services represents a business where women can benefit of generously salaries without having to work from 8 AM to 5 PM. It is not as easy to become an escort as one may be tempted to believe. You have to own a perfect body (so you have to work daily at this criteria), you have to be appealing to men, to know how to discuss with them in order to find out what are their fantasies (most men are very shy so if the escort doesn’t perfectly please them, they will not become regular clients) and, also, you have to own many other qualities.

  • Escorts are material women

The myth from above has been easily abolished mostly because the great majority of escorts are girls who want to attain financial freedom on their own, without having to obey a twelve hour program.

  • Women who work as escorts are drug addicts

People let themselves influenced by most movies and books. Lots of movies involve sex scenes where men appeal to escort services and all of these women are alcohol and drug addicts. That is totally wrong, high class escorts proving they are professional in their job.

  • Escort services are based only on selling sex

As we established above, these services involve intensive and passionate moments between the client and the escort.

  •  Escort girls don’t kiss clients on their mouth

This myth is another gossip created by movies, but this is totally wrong. Escorts help you experience the most unbelievable intimate moments, kissing not only the mouth but all parts of client’s body.



If you are thinking about experiencing escort services, you will convince yourself that all these myths are just wrong conceptions.

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