Top 5 places to visit in East London

2017-08-30 06:56:53

Top 5 places to visit in East London

Are you coming to London? There are lots of things you can do here, places to visit. It takes some time to explore it all so take it on parts. Planning a trip to East London for example means a selection of things you may want to see. And we have some awesome suggestions, among which an excellent recommendation for an activity a little bit different: try the services of escorts from East London, why not.

Royal Artillery Museum 

This is surely a place for history passionate and related fields to this. This is the museum showing the evolution of artillery so if you are interested in these big powerful guns here is the right place to come. For a few pounds you get to experience more than simple views of the artillery back in the past and some actual types too. They recreate in a spectacular way the atmosphere from the war. Hold on baby!

Hackney City Farm 

You will want to arrive here for the farm style look and venue. It is actually a farm, including everything related to this, small animals though. The best part? You can get relaxed, see the style of a farm from back there in 1984 and at the same time enjoy a meal, a breakfast, a delicious menu like local people know to offer. This is also a perfect place for country themed events.

Tower Of London 

It is absolutely imperative for you to visit this place, it is a symbol for London and no tourist skips it. The medieval tour will surely impress you. This used to be a prison, a place of execution, a royal residence so there are lots of things to see and discover in each and every tour part of this castle. For sure you will be impressed by the amount of information and things exposed there.

Orient Beach

This is the closest beach to the city center. If there is a good time period when you come visiting the East London then you should go to the beach. There are close boutiques so you can grab a snack and enjoy time sitting on the sand. Of course, there is no need to say more how much fun it can be to get here - more, if you get a partner too.

Are you coming along? Then perhaps you are interested in escorts from East London. Don’t waste your time and choose to have fun with a girl, while you visit London. There are lots of escorts ready to be by your side while walking on the beach and not only. They say the sunset is more romantic with a woman near you…

Mpongo Private Game Reserve

Last, but no least in our top 5 places to visit in East London is a real adventure of those who are willing to try the sensations a safari can offer. This is the reservation of wildlife in its natural way. Lots of animals, lots of fun. You get to be in a wide open special car for this activity so you get to see very closely the animals in their natural habitat. Also there are lots of birds species, so lots to observe for a couple of hours.

Again, as a recommendation, this may be the perfect place to go with someone, to hold someone when you think animals are a little bit too frightening. We thought of that too so escorts from East London are ready to be there with you; just choose one!


So, when are you coming to East London?

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