Top 5 reasons: why do men book escorts?

2017-05-12 08:25:12

Top 5 reasons: why do men book escorts?

We all like to judge and to form opinions, sometimes pertinent ones and sometimes simply for the sake of the reasons that society considers appropriate. When men who book escorts come into discussion, some consider them “losers” or men who couldn’t date a beautiful woman using their own charm (in the idea they don’t have it).

As mentioned before, that is only a false judgement. The following ideas will bring light and knowledge regarding the reasons for which men decide to book an escort.

1. They are in the mood for romance

Without beating around the bush in any manner, when the decision of booking an escort is being taken, the main reason in most of the cases is the need for romance. Escorts offer romance, passion, fun – all together making them ideal companions. If one goes on a normal date, he has to sweep his date off her feet. On the other hand, going out with an escort implies being swept off your own feet, as a man. She will engage in fun and flirtatious conversations, she will make you feel important and amazing and she will also take interest in you and your jokes. That’s the perfect recipe for a romantic, flirtatious and interesting way of spending the time, isn’t it?

2. They want to bring their fantasies to life

It doesn’t matter if the man is single, in a relationship or even married. Every man has some secret fantasies and the urge to make them come true. Booking an escort is the best way to go! Escorts don’t judge one’s preferences, are very open minded and willing to bring any secret desire to life. Along with the seek of romance, fulfilling fantasies is one of the most frequent reasons for which men look for escort services.

3. Being in control

Think of it this way: when you are out on a date with a woman you’ve just met, you simply can’t predict the outcome of the date. Maybe you don’t like the place she chooses for your date, or maybe she doesn’t like your choice. Maybe you both have totally different ideas of a pleasant date. On the other hand, booking an escort offers you full control: you can choose the place you will spend some quality time, either it’s a restaurant, a hotel room or your own place. The escort will make things a lot easier for you, as you will be the one in control and you will do exactly what you like most.

4. Discretion

Choosing to book an escort is certainly more discrete than going out and hooking up with a woman at a bar, a restaurant or any other place. Maybe you cannot be seen on a date, but you feel the need for the company of a beautiful woman. Usually married men or the ones in a relationship use this discrete escort services just to spice up things a bit without having to worry about the consequences.

5. No strings attached

When involved in a relationship, there is more you have to deal with, although you get the intimacy, the fun, the passion and the romance from your partner. You will also have to live and deal with her friends and family, her beliefs and moods, her jealousy and anger and so on. When you book an escort, only the best parts emerge, as the rules and expectations are established in advance and there are no strings attached when the time you spend together ends.

These are the main reasons of booking escorts. Some men also find booking an escort cheaper than dating randomly, more fun for the variety of it, or more of a challenge, as they are set to become better lovers. No matter the reason, it is certainly justified – booking an escort is a preferred choice for many men.

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