What beauty products do our high-class escorts use?

2017-03-28 08:20:24

What beauty products do our high-class escorts use?

As we all know by now, high-class escorts must always be as beautiful and elegant as possible. Mostly, these women are interested in attracting clients and in order to do that they must be irresistible. This idea is the proof that professional escorts are part of an elite system which assumes attending classy events, elegant parties and fancy restaurants with rich men.

So one may ask: What beauty products do these women use most? When it comes to beauty products, there are many categories which have to be discussed.

Hair products: as anyone can see on our portfolio of professional escorts, the great majority of these beautiful women have a long healthy hair. But this feature doesn’t come naturally - a strict ritual must be respected in order to get such an advantage. Most men are attracted to women with long hair, without any logical explanation. So, a beauty product that our girls use regularly is: Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo – this divine shampoo from Tigi keeps all hair colors electric, feeds the hair with nutrients, and also smooths and adds shine in order to make the hair more resistant to breaking. Recommended especially for those women who have dyed their hair, this really is a goddess product.

Nails: when it comes to manicure and pedicure, high class escorts are very careful and choose a nail polish which guarantees a successful resistance for at least two or three weeks. Any woman knows how hard it is to always have to remove the nail polish in order to obtain an immaculate manicure / pedicure. Even though many believe men don’t pay too much attention to this sort of details, but this conception couldn’t be more wrong. So, with the main purpose of always adopting an elegant look, professional escorts use Nail Lacquer from OPI – the famous worldwide brand which has a great variety of products when it comes to nail polish colors that also resists longer once applied on nails.

Lips: a fact is well known – the woman’s lips are one of the most sensual parts of her body. When one meets a high class escort, lips are always in the center of attention. A lipstick has to be a secret weapon in a women’s life, especially when she wants to impress. The color is very important as well as its ability of durable resistance, and in this matter Bobbi Brown lip products (as lip glosses, lip liners or lip pencils) dominate the market.

Make-up products: this category involves a great range of beauty products which can totally improve a woman’s look. From concealers, primers, foundations to eyeshadows, eyelashes, mascaras or make up removers and make up brushes, MAC will always be that brand which provides variety, resistance and quality all in one.

Perfumes: another important aspect which shows how much attention pays a certain woman on herself is related to her perfume. This product can totally suggest style, elegance and femininity. In this matter, Christian DIOR perfumes (the most notorious being Dior Addict with a fragrance which possesses a blend of vanilla, mandarin and rose) are the most popular fragrances used by our high class escorts.

Body-care: a soft skin doesn’t come from nowhere. There must be a lot of work and also an investment done into some quality products in order to look good and also attract men. When men touch the body of a high-class escort, they need to feel softness, delicacy and good care. For those women who are interested in body care products, high-class escorts recommend Victoria Secret body lotions.


If any woman wants to attract her life partner or the man she is dating, or simply she wants to properly take care of her body, it is recommended to take into consideration the beauty tips from high-class escorts mentioned above.

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