What do high-class escorts fear the most?

2017-03-14 11:42:00

What do high-class escorts fear the most?


Sometimes, being a high-class escort requires a certain way of living. As any other women, escorts have their own fears and thoughts. You may wonder what these fears consist of and so this is the main reason for which I wrote this article. In the next paragraphs I will explain you what are the main fears of a professional escort.

      First of all, the main fear which comes in is regarding the idea of “living a double life”. Many women who work in this area believe they are morally incapable of being “normal” in their personal life, meaning that they can’t take into consideration the idea of having a boyfriend, a husband or a family. Even though they see escort services as their job, they believe a “future man of their life” will never agree with this type of work.

Some of them are right, some aren’t. Why is this such a big problem? Well, in our society, people tend to consider sexual services in exchange of money like a taboo subject and, also, they are used to misjudge all women who work as high-class escorts.

But, what really means having a normal life? There are no rules regarding the way one decides to live as every person has the right to its own package of choices.


Another thing to consider regarding what do escorts fear the most is the idea of not being able to sexually perform with their life partner. As we all know, this job requires full sexual activity. There are chances that those men who hire professional escorts are not extremely handsome, smart or rich (many of them are, but there are exceptions too). That is the main reason which makes these women to fear about sexual performing at home.

That is an extremely wrong way of thinking. There must be many reasons for which one loves her life partner. Well, those aspects will make you feel excited to have sex with him, despite of your work duties.

When it comes to sex, no one can tell that he or she is tired, especially when it comes to having sex with the one you love.


   What if my clients will see me in my private time and tell all about me to others?”. This fear isn’t justified at all, especially because no client will ever admit that he is hiring professional escorts. Then, we must consider the fact that we are all human and we all have jobs which assume some requirements. No one has to be afraid to admit that he/she works in a certain area, as long as there are many fulfilling aspects brought to life.


   Losing a long term client.

When it comes to regular clients, high-class escorts are used to please them and also, they already know how to do it properly for fulfilling all sorts of fantasies. There are low chances that a client will get rid of their favorite escort in order to choose another. But if this happens, no one has any guilt. This comes naturally, because men are easily to be affected by boredom so you, as a high class escort, have to gracefully accept this.


“What am I going to do if my parents find out I’m a high-class escort?”

Well, that is maybe one of the most known fears in a high-class escort’s life. We all respect our parents, and also we know they want only the best for us. When it comes to parents, they are used to another lifestyle, mostly because many of them used to grow up among all sort of society rules and so on. I personally believe that if one explains to its parents what really means living as a high-class escort and also what are the main advantages of this job, they will totally understand.

There are many fears we have to face in life, but the most important key to success is pushing the boundaries as hard as we can, and also accepting we are human beings and these feelings and fears normal things.

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