Why choose a high-class escort instead of a prostitute?

2017-03-21 06:14:54

Why choose a high-class escort instead of a prostitute?

It is well known that prostitution is being practiced since Middle Age and it is ranked as the oldest job ever. Well, high class escort services are extremely different from the idea of prostitution, even though both assume sexual services in exchange of money. Besides the sexual needs which are satisfied, professional escort services also involve the idea of a quality companionship and many other things like this.

A question frequently appears: why should clients choose high-class escort services instead of prostitute services? Well, there are many arguments which sustain the idea of professional escorts, like the following:


 Prostitutes are interested only in gaining money as fast as they can, unlike high-class escorts who consider it is more important to completely satisfy clients by fulfilling their hidden desires and fantasies

 High-class escorts are not hired only for sexual services like prostitutes are, these women are wanted especially for their companionship at all sorts of events, fancy parties and expensive restaurants

 High-class escorts will be able to discuss in several foreign languages, while most prostitutes will refuse to talk more than having sex

High-class escorts are booked through several steps procedures, while most prostitutes will be found waiting for clients on the streets

The great majority of professional escorts are part of an escort agency, while prostitutes work on their own or respect the rules of some kind of pimps

High-class escorts have to respect certain dress codes while attending some events, unlike hookers who dress as indecent as they can in order to attract many men

 Escorts have the opportunity to travel all around the world with some of their clients, prostitutes don’t

 The great majority of the clients of a high-class escort are educated, influent, well dressed, rich or handsome, but a prostitute won’t have the opportunity to meet these types of men

When a man decides that his next step can be booking an escort, there are many things he has in mind for this type of decision. Some think about the idea of avoiding the possibility of taking some sexual transmitted diseases, while others believe their life partners won’t find out if they hire a high-class escort. When a man chooses to benefit of a prostitute’s services, well no one can guarantee the confidentiality assumed by this option, unlike the case of escort agencies.

Seeing an escort involves passion, desires and also professionalism. Hookers not only are in lack of these aspects, but also can seem sometimes quite depraved, which will definitely make a man not to choose their services some other time.

Women always wonder why most men hire escorts. Well, most of them are capable to fulfill - in this way - all of their most hidden fantasies, which no wife or girlfriend was capable to do. In this situation, it is quite obvious that a prostitute won’t too.

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